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In the middle level of the luxury villa, Villas Mykonos Rent at the level of the central swimming pool, is located the living room, and the interior kitchen of the luxury villa. On the other side of the courtyard, there is the covered protected area (100 m2), with the outdoor kitchen - barbeque (fully equipped) and the large impressive handmade dining room for 18 people. At this level, there are also two bedrooms. One, which is 50 m2, with a stunning sea view, an open bathroom, and a private terrace, and one, which is 30 m2, in a backyard with a strong traditional atmosphere. In the backyard, there is also the utility room of the villa (15 m2).

At the level of the lower courtyard there are 6 more bedrooms: a) the Pool Room (45 m2) with two windows overlooking the bottom of the main pool and an elevated bed, b) the Rock Room (50 m2) with a large built-in bathtub formed in the rock and around the bed and sea view c) 3 independent, whitewashed stone guesthouses (45 m2 each) with open baths and stunning sea view, located on the lowest level of the courtyard d) A guesthouse (45 m2) with comfortable double bed and open bath.

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