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What to do to speed up the language fluency?

I'm currently in a chinese mandarin class, and I am pretty good at it.My question is how do I speed up my fluency. I want to be able to like read, write and speak as though I grew up in the country.Tips, comments, advise please?

Any suggestions on how to inexpensively increase verbal language fluency?

I took Spanish 1 and 2 in high school and made it through Spanish 4 in college. However, these homework help for free classes all focused on writing and not verbal. I am now working as a translator in addition to my other job duties , and am relatively fluent in Spanish...but, only in writing My verbal is horrible The vocabulary and grammar are all there, but I simply cannot think " on my feet' and use it. Luckily, most of my translation duties are written but, I feel awful about being so slow when it comes to helping people verbally.Any suggestions on how I can increase my verbal fluency?

Please note that I can't afford to take any classes or travel abroad, as much as I would love to do so.Gracias.I am an English as a Second Language aide and work with Spanish speakers on a daily basis. However, I am able to ask homework questions online free and speak English with them as much as possible because we are teaching them this language. Thanks for the answers so far These are such great answers It will be hard to pick a best one

What exactly is the definition of language fluency? So what is it? lol

Can linguistics learning hinder language fluency?

Does language fluency equal culture knowledge? Basically, can a person be fluent in a language but know next to nothing about a culture? Or do you need to understand the culture in order to speak the language well?

How to improve your listening skills?

When attending university in France, I knew a British girl, fluent in French, but didn't know how to pronounce the French letter "u". It took me one afternoon to teach her how to pronounce correctly the letter "u". For those who don't know French, our "u" is seems to be difficult for foreigners to pronounce ... foreigners tend to pronounce like "you" ou "ou".


My friend is not the only I met with this issue. When I taught my 3 years old son the letter, he was able to duplicate in one shot. Neuroscientists say that most adults have trouble distinguishing sounds.

Having good listening skills is necessary to learn a new language. You have to learn and reproduce new sounds that you don't familiar with and in order to do it correctly you need to learn how to listen, how to acquire good listening skills and how to improve them.

There are people who can't sing because they don't have musical ears and don't have the ability to reproduce what they ear ... it's the same when learning a foreign language, there are people who can't reproduce the actual words because their listening skills are weak. The solution for both cases it's to work, exercise the ears to acquire and develop listening skills.

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