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24V battery full charge voltage can reach about 30V, but the specific voltage needs to see the actual voltage situation to determine.

The car battery voltage is usually 12V or 24V, the general household gasoline engine car battery voltage is 12V, and the diesel engine working principle is different from the gasoline engine, the need for higher voltage, so the use of 24V voltage battery.

12V battery voltage is not fixed, generally will be larger. Under normal circumstances, the battery voltage before the car starts is between 11.8V-12.8V, and the battery voltage after the car starts is between 13.2-14.8V. As long as the voltage at the start is not less than 11V, it is considered normal voltage. Battery voltage is too high or too low, will cause certain effects.

The 24v battery lithium is described as follows:

If the battery voltage is too low, the car will be difficult to start or even unable to start the situation; If the battery voltage is too high, it may damage the battery. The battery can be charged through the generator in the process of driving the car. If the car is parked for a long time, it is easy to lead to the loss of battery power, resulting in the car can not start.

During the long-term parking of the car, it is best to start the vehicle every other week, the generator will charge the battery, generally need to run at idle speed for more than 5 minutes. In addition, when parking for a long time, it is recommended that car owners remove the negative electrode of the battery, because the battery will discharge naturally even if it is not used, and this can avoid the vehicle battery deficit.

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